ERL Barcelona – Last day

MBot happy with his performances during the last week!

ERL in Barcelona is over and we’re very happy how it turned out! This blog post is coming a bit late, we know, but, the last day of competition was a rollercoaster of emotions(everything was decided in the free trials, but we will get there) and then we had some free time.

In the third and last day of competition was mainly the day of TBM3(Catering for Granny Annie) and we were ready, everything was tested the day before. The only thing we couldn’t do was the grasp of an object. Everything else we were very positive about. And that’s how it went, the robot perform well all the commands (3 commands to deal with home automation devices and 1 to get an object). In the middle of this task there were also trials for TBM5(where only our friends Homer participated) and FBM3.

Granny Annie telling MBot what to do
Preparing and launching everything for the task is very important!

After all the official trials that’s when thing got interesting, it was time for free trials. Free trials are trial slots in which the team can perform any of the tests done before, if they feel like they improved. And we must say that teams improved a lot during this  week. Our free trial was TBM2 and it was a big surprise when we got to detect Dr. Kimble, something that Tiago worked very hard for. Unfortunately, the unknown person was misdetected which didn’t gave us enough points to win this task!

Usually in ERL tournaments there are no winner, but this time PAL Robotics wanted to give a prize to the winner. And the winner would be the team that won more tasks. The awesome part is that 4 of the teams win 2 tasks, which means that there were 4 winners: SocRob, Homer, Hearts and IRI! 🙂 In our case we won TBM1(along side with Homer and Hearts) and TBM4. In the end, we all got a REEM shaped statue and a winner certificate.

This was an awesome experience, and we really felt a good vibe in PAL Robotics. Everyone was super helpful and nice to us. This ERL is over but there will be more and we will just grow from here. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, specially to the team members that stayed home but kept on working hard, Professors and PAL Robotics! 🙂

Go SocRob!

Final picture and everyone is happy!

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