ERL Competition – Day 2

Testing TBM3 (Catering for Granny Annie) for the last day of competition

Ok, the second day finished and we are happy with the results! The team is starting to get a bit tired, but the spirit is always very positive 🙂 we were elected as the happiest team on the competition, Referee Meysam said. TBM4 (again) and TBM2 were the task under test.

We performed TBM4 on the first day and went really well, this time was not different! MBot was able to navigate correctly and recognise the object that was on the way. Following a person is still a weakness, even after some tweaks here and there. Back home we have to heavily focus on this functionality to be able to perform TBM4 perfectly!

TBM2 was probably the task we were not so sure how it would go. Training a machine to recognise a specific face is a big challenge and the first run was not our best, but we ended up having good results. Even though we never detected Dr. Kimble correctly we did it for the other possible visitors, and performed accordingly which gave us the full scoring, for 3 out of 4. And it gave us the opportunity to show off our arm, picking up the mail form the post man.

See some photos below.

MBot receiving the mail from the postman, TBM2
MBot detecting the small object on the way, TBM4
MBot trying to recognise Dr. Kimble

Finally, the scores came out and we were in first place for TBM4 and TBM2! Perfecto 🙂

After all the runs we still had work to do, since there is still one day of competition with two tasks for us. TBM3 (Catering for Granny Annie), in which the robot has to recognise commands from Granny, in a specific location. Then, perform those commands, that can be: interact with home devices or get an object. Next, FBM3, speech recognition and understanding. We tested it until 21.00h and it was ready to run next morning!!

One more day to go!

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