ERL Competition – Day 1

The team happy with the results πŸ™‚

Today was the first day of trials with 2 TBMs and 1 FBM! It was a good day πŸ™‚ We were able to perform them all until the end and with good results! In fact in the end of the day we got first place both in TBM1, being able to give all the commands with some repetition, and TBM4, being able to navigate to all waypoints, replan and recognise the object! Was a great team effort and 100% worth it. FBM3 was also successfully done, by recognising commands from wav files provided by the referees.

See some photos from the trials bellow.

Guilherme interacting with the MBot during TBM1
MBot reentering the arena by pushing the door during a TBM4 test
MBot following the operator out of the house

Tomorrow the competition continues! We are doing TBM4 again, two more trials, and TBM2 (Welcoming Visitors) in which the robot has to recognise who’s at the door of the house and act accordingly. It can be Dr. Kimble, that comes to see how Granny is doing, the postman, delivering a parcel, or the deliman, delivering the breakfast. Also tomorrow is TBM5 (General Propose Service Robots) in which we won’t be participating.

We are thrilled about tomorrow and hopefully the good results will continue!

See the live stream of the competition inΒ PAL Robotics‘ facebook page.

Tests to grasping and transport objects

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